Story Corps E- 2018 Stories

8 hours ago

In June 2018, WNIN hosted a Story Corps E storytelling workshop. The event was found by Julia Gregg of Evansville, in honor her son J. Zach Gregg, who was killed at the age of 33 in a bicycle accident.

The Evansville event featured instruction by Moth Grand Slam winner Mark Lamb and coaching from Judy Hood and Barbara Stahura. The stories were recorded by Brick Briscoe.

Please enjoy these stories from 2018. You can also hear some of them on WNIN-FM on Thursdays at 7:50 am and about 4:45 p.m.

Abbey Brown Doyle

Ann Ryan

Barbara Stahura

Cecile Martin

Christie Thompson

Margaret Ballard

Mark Allen Funkhouser

Martha J. Loerlein 

Dr. Stephanie Young

Susan Bohrnstedt

Tara Powell