SongShine, uniting faded voices dimmed by neurological diseases

Jun 10, 2015

From left to right; Volunteers Colleen Martin, Becky Brookman, Barbara Fosse, Retired Speech Pathologist Dr. MaryJane Palmer, Pianist Judy Pereboom and body alignment guide Joann Drennen.
Credit Paola Marizan

SongShine, a vocal therapy program for patients with neurological diseases or aging voice, help people strengthen their voice and create a community of understanding.

Program Volunteer Colleen Martin said  this community program is empowering and fun.

From left to right; Volunteers Joann Drennen, Becky Brookmand, Colleen Martin and Dr. MaryJane Palmer guiding the singing exercises.
Credit Paola Marizan

The program uses classic vocal technique, body alignment and breathing exercises to help strengthen the voice of those who have Parkinson's, have suffered a stroke, other neurological diseases or have aging voice. 

Volunteer Barbara Fosse became interested in starting the program in Evansville after working with a Parkinson support group in Palm Desert, California.

She said SongShine helps participants feel less lonely because they build camaraderie and support each other.

The presentation was held at Deaconess Hospital.
Credit Paola Marizan

The ten-week program meets every Tuesday from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm at the Aldersgate United Methodist Church. The free classes start June 9th through August 18th. The classes will resume in September after a short break.