Rewind: Syrian culture, conflict and people; a story

Aug 17, 2016

In the midst of the Syrian war, a young man takes the stage at this year’s TEDx Evansville event to tell his immigration story, the influence he says Syria had on BREXIT and how the turmoil of politics has destroyed the culture he once knew.

Scholars for Syria member Basel Al Haj
Credit Paola Marizán / WNIN

Basel Al Haj, a member of the Scholars for Syria local initiative, came to the area three years ago to study Science at the University of Evansville and hasn’t seen his family since.

“So, I feel responsible for my whole nation to break the stereotype and educate people and show people that actually Syrians are effective and they’re doing great wherever they go and that we’re actually humans just like anyone else.”

Basel plans to continue his research in developing a cure for Cancer.

TEDx Evansville is October first at the Evansville Museum.