¿QPM? S6 EP 1: What pregnancy during COVID-19 looks like for undocumented or unemployed women

Apr 15, 2021

Courtesy of Amy Gastelum


In season 6 we explore how Latinx in the Midwest are recovering from Covid-19 - en varias areas - like economic recovery, physical health, salud mental, education and unemployment.

This will resonate with many parents caught up in the need to work while also caring for their children forced out of school by the pandemic.

En este episodio, I want you to meet Amy Gastelum. You may have heard her en otro de nuestros episodios contando cómo su abuelo nunca le dijo que tenía ascendencia Mexicana and how she was learning about her identity. 

In this episode, Amy nos cuenta, how she navigated health care while pregnant and unemployed, while being a mom to a six-year-old and still caring for some of her patients.  Amy es enfermera.

Some of Amy’s patients are undocumented o con problemas financieros so she tells us how after quitting her job she had to enlist in Medicaid - something that some of her patients are not eligible for. 

So in this episode we talk about how the pandemic highlighted the need for better healthcare options for pregnant women de recursos excasos.