¿QPM? S5 EP 4: Helping Tackle Misinformation in the Latino Community

Aug 12, 2020

Courtesy of Dr. Del-Rios

En este episodio host Judith Ruiz-Branch habló con Dr. Marina Del-Rios, an emergency room doctor, assistant professor, and research coordinator, via an app called Tape a Call. They discussed the dire need for helpers in the medical field para Latinos en su comunidad, y Dr. Del-Rios shares las soluciones that she’s working on along with the Illinois Latino COVID-19 Initiative.

One of the main issues Dr. Del-Rios had to tackle was misinformation sobre el coronavirus due to la falta de reliable información confiable en español. IllinoisUnidos.com was the solution for that problem. The website provides reliable, user-friendly coronavirus information in English and Spanish. The Illinois Latino COVID-19 Initiative and the website provide helpful resources for various other issues, such as housing, which have been amplified by the pandemic.

Our song for this episode was chosen by Dr. Del Rios - Hijos de Caña-veeeral by Residente - it’s one of her favorites. We hope you enjoyed.