¿QPM? S4 EP 1: How the census and the elections mix.

Oct 9, 2019

Credit Paola Marizan

This season we’re staying on top of two major topics happening this and the next year ; the census and the 2020 elections. 

Por si no lo sabias, este año the debate of the citizenship question being on the census form filled our news feeds. Escuchamos que era algo bueno por que it would have given us an accurate count of Hispanos and Latinos that needed help with things like legal aid or language assistance. Others thought this could put a target on the undocumented population and made them nervous.

We also target the 2020 elections. In the coming months, we’ll start seeing more debates and political messages; and working along with collaborators and national resources, we plan on giving you all the information we can so you can make an informed desicion cuando salgas a votar. 

Escucha las historias que traemos this season. It’s all about the census and the 2020 elections. You’ll also notice how the music in this season directly talks about politics and freedom. Para nosotros la música es sumamente importante ; a way to express how we feel about many things. The song for this episode es titulado ‘Derecho de nacimiento” by Natalia Lafourcade and for our English only speakers, this song talks about how we weren't born without cause or without faith but reclaiming the freedom of thought and demanding that they don't strip the poor of what cost them so much to build.