¿QPM? S2 EP 9: Ending Season Dos Celebrating Bilingual Music

Oct 11, 2018

It’s been a great season for us and we hope that it has been for you too. Esperamos que hayas disfrutado de los temas que tocamos esta temporada. We talked about being kidnapped in Venezuela by the FARC, we went to Liberal Kansas for Cinco de Mayo, we covered the stories of Paola’s family experiencing Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico; we talked about los del 1.5 Generation, the effects of deportation among families, Domestic Violence, the Census 2020 and more.

But that’s not all we’ve done. Thanks to our Summer intern, Emily Miles, we were able to bring you animations of some episodes, cool social media posts, and a Spotify Bilingual playlist.

Credit Emily Miles

We want to say Gracias to our editor Sophia Paliza Carre, our contributors Grisel Barajas, Barbara Anguiano, Amy Gastelum, Emmy Beltre and a huge thanks to everyone who shared their stories with us over the past two seasons.

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