Pandemic Prompts Federal Court to Suspend Trials

Mar 16, 2020

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The federal courthouse in Evansville has suspended jury trials and changed other policies in response to the coronavirus. 


Chief Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson signed an order “continuing” -- or suspending -- all jury trials in the U.S District Court for the Southern District of Indiana through at least May 1st.

In the order, the judge said it’s not possible to summon a pool of potential jurors and conduct a jury trial in a manner that does not expose potential jurors, counsel, court staff, and litigants to “unacceptable health risks.”

The judge’s order states other civil court proceedings will continue at the discretion of the assigned District or Magistrate Judge.

Judges can change the proceedings to telephone or video.

Judge Magnus-Stinson also cancelled all naturalization ceremonies for now.

The order states persons can be turned away at the courthouse door if they have any virus symptoms or have been exposed to someone confirmed or being evaluated for COVID-19.