Non-Profit Cuts to be Considered

Mar 9, 2020

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The Evansville City Council is expected to consider measures Monday evening that would reduce city funding for local non-profits. 

Three non-binding measures are on the agenda.

One authored by Council members Missy Mosby and Jonathan Weaver would allow only eleven nonprofits to receive city funding, starting next year.

Most of those agencies assist the city's homeless, youth, and the elderly. Arts organizations would no longer receive funding -- except for the Evansville African American Museum

The council will also consider and ordinance from Mosby and Weaver that would create a committee that would review applications from nonprofits asking for city help.

It would include three city council members, the mayor, and city controller.

Another resolution from Councilman Justin Elpers would phase out all assistance to non-profits with the exception of United Neighborhoods of Evansville.

For his part, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke hopes the council rejects all three measures tonight (Mon).

On his Facebook page, Winnecke described the current grant process as “straightforward and transparent.”

And he noted the not-for-profit funding represents less than half of one-tenth of one percent of the city budget.

WNIN has received some city funding.