New City Council Leadership for 2021

Jan 12, 2021

City Council President Ron Beane (R) speaks at a September news conference.
Credit Steve Burger / WNIN

For the first time in over forty years, Evansville has a Republican leading the city council.  

Republican Ron Beane is in his first term and not every other council member voted for him for that reason, but he is the new council president.

Beane says in the first half of 2021, they will be watching city revenues closely so that they can catch any problems caused by the ongoing pandemic early- something they know is going to happen.

Beane said, “Until we get that under control, new strategies and new plans for the community are on the back burner because we just can’t operate and do business as normal.”

As for dealing with the sometimes acrimonious debate that occurred on the council last year, Beane says he’ll be quick to remind council members and the public of the need to keep discussions civil.