A multicultural barbershop brings Evansville together

May 29, 2015

Owner Alex "Chinno" Rivera, at Chinno Men's Hairdressing, with a costumer.
Credit Chinno Men's Hairdressing website

Add a little flavor to your haircut. A unique Barbershop brings Evansville together, offering understanding between cultures in a different way. Chinno Men's Hairdressing, a Latino owned barbershop, not only adds a lively vibe to hairstyles, it gives all who enters a taste of other cultures. 

Left to Right; Co-Owner and wife Maytes Overman, Owner Alex "Chinno" Rivera. Their children Alek and Koko.
Credit Maytes Overman

Owner Alex "Chinno' Rivera said for Latinos hairstyles are a statement so being able to understand the demand of costumers in English or Spanish is key to a satisfied costumer. 

Co-Owner Maytes Overman said her husband brings the Caribbean vibe to the barbershop and you can catch him dancing Salsa and Bachata while cutting hair. 

  The bilingual shop, located at 1016 South Weinbach Avenue, serves men of all ages. It features Puerto Rican paintings, artifacts and music.

Left; Carlos Santana, cousin of Alex Rivera. Right; Owner Alex Rivera.
Credit Chinno Men's Hairdressing website

  The owners said they welcome all hairstyles, dance moves and costumers can take a before and after picture in front the barbershop's "celebrity" backdrop.