A look at 'Living in the Black,' preventing more cases of domestic violence

May 8, 2015

On today’s show, we’ll hear the story of a woman who experienced domestic abuse by her ex-husband and how she broke the silence surrounding her situation -- one shared by thousands each year in Indiana.

Brenda Blackmon wrote a book, titled "Living in the Black," about her abusive relationship to open the floodgates for public conversation. Local playwright Stanley S. Jackson Sr. adapted her story into a musical, which debuts in Henderson Saturday.

Brenda Blackmon (pictured front, right) and playright Stanley S. Jackson Sr. (front, center) pose with the cast of the musical, "Living in the Black." The plot centers around Brenda's personal experience as a survivor of an abusive marriage.
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We’ll wrap up the show with a panel of experts who will discuss the causes of domestic violence, who’s affected and what can be done to end the cycle of violence.

A 2011 study by the Centers of Disease Control found that nearly one in three women and one in four men have experienced some form of domestic abuse from their partners. Representatives from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department and Albion Fellows Bacon Center estimate the actual number is greater because many cases go unreported.

More information:

Living in the Black plays at the Henderson Fine Arts Center on Sat., May 9 at 7:00pm central.

Albion Fellows Bacon Center 24-hour Crisis Hotline: (812) 422-5622 or (812)-424-7273 or 1-800-7752

"Dancing on Her Grave: The Murder of a Las Vegas Showgirl," book by Carolina Sarassa.