Local Coronavirus Preps Outlined Thursday

Feb 27, 2020

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and local hospital and health care officials updated the media on coronavirus preparations Thursday afternoon.
Credit Steve Burger / WNIN

With all the coverage of the potential threat of the COVID 19 virus spreading to the U.S., Evansville officials took time Thursday afternoon to reassure people about what’s being done to prepare in case the virus shows up here. 

First of all, the advice from Evansville Mayor Winnecke and a group of local health care officials is to get off your social media feed and make sure you’re getting factual information about the coronavirus from the Vanderburgh County Health Department website or the Centers for Disease Control website.

Mayor Winnecke said they’re monitoring the situation closely and local health care and emergency management professionals will respond quickly to any outbreak in this area.

“We want to make sure that people are reassured of what the reality is in Evansville, Indiana today, and the reality is, there’s no reason to be fearful.”

Deaconess Health Systems President Dr. James Porter added that as with any virus like the common cold or flu, even if you do contact the coronavirus somehow, you’re probably better off just riding it out at home unless your symptoms get bad enough to need medical attention.