Lawmakers Hear Testimony On CBD Access Issues

Jan 16, 2018

State lawmakers are again weighing in on CBD oil. It was sold in many stores – over the counter – but the hemp extract is only legal for those with treatment resistant epilepsy. Legislators are considering a number of bills to increase access to the substance.

Indiana senators heard testimony for two measures concerning CBD or cannabidiol oil. Sen. Mike Young (R-Indianapolis) says one bill clarifies sale of the oil and the other legalizes its use more broadly.

“CBD oil with no THC would be legal in Indiana to be purchased by any citizen and could be sold at any retailer in the state of Indiana,” says Young.

And some say the amount of THC should not be a sticking point, including doctor and former Indiana State Health Commissioner Richard Feldman.

“If there is no problem for the industry to produce true zero THC – fine,” Feldman says. “Otherwise there should be no angst over products containing 0.3 THC.”

He says, at that amount, there are no intoxicating effects. Feldman also says there is growing evidence that the substance can help many conditions.

“Including acne, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic pain and inflammation, opioid addiction, Parkinson’s disease and stroke,” says Feldman.

Sen. Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) says lawmakers should listen to Hoosiers who want to use CBD oil.

“Why don’t we do the right thing and just legalize this substance and make it available to people and if it helps them it helps them?” says Lanane.

Others testified the bills are too restrictive and could create barriers for retailers or the hemp industry.