Latin Grammy winner returns to Evansville for free homecoming performances

Jun 20, 2014

An Evansville native is part of the first American band to win a Latin Grammy Award, in the family music category.

Alisha Gaddis and her husband Lucky Diaz, make up the duo, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band who will perform in town this weekend.

Musicians Alisha Gaddis and her husband Lucky Diaz started producing children's albums after teaching their daughter, Ella, songs in the bathtub.
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Gaddis describes their bilingual music as “indie pop” that kids of all ages can enjoy. 

“A lot of times people think of music in Spanish as sounding like mariachi bands," Gaddis said. "We're trying to expose people to all types of music in Spanish.”

The bilingual music category is becoming more popular because of the growing Latino community, Gaddis said, but also because more parents are exposing their kids to new languages at a young age.

Lucky and Alisha will play at Art in the Park at Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve Saturday 3pm and the West Library Lawn Park on Sunday from 5-7pm.