Indiana Senator Fights for Mental Health Treatment Capacity

May 22, 2018


A long-time champion of mental health services hopes to see a new psychiatric center in Evansville. 

During Monday’s discussion involving sheriffs, state legislators, and other officials at the Vanderburgh County Jail, a frequent topic was mental health.

"I know that they are looking at the opportunity for us to eventually build a new Children's Psychiatric Center on the grounds of the Evansville State Hospital," said Indiana State Senator Vaneta Becker. 

The new center would replace the 52-year-old facility on East Morgan Ave.

"We need better and additional mental health services for kids as well as for adults," said Becker. "One of the bills we passed this session said that there will be a mental health facility within an hour drive for people, but unfortunately that's going to take a while to ramp up."

Over the years, legislators tried several times to close the Morgan Avenue facility which treats 30 to 50 children a year.

Senator Becker is among local leaders who have fought to keep it open.