Indiana Attorney General Attends Anti-Abortion Rally In South Bend

Jun 17, 2019


Anti-abortion activists from across northern Indiana rallied against the opening of a clinic that provides abortions in South Bend on Saturday. About 300 people attended including Indiana’s Attorney General.


During the rally opposing the Whole Woman’s Health Alliance clinic, Attorney General Curtis Hill told a crowded church that he opposes abortion, but would remain objective. Hill recently appealed a federal court order that the state clear a path for the clinic to open, despite not being awarded a permit.

“My responsibility is to move forward,” Hill says. “I’m pro-life, but I recognize that abortion clinics are able to operate in the state of Indiana.”


The rally began with guest speakers at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and ended with attendees wielding signs outside the yet-to-be-opened clinic.

At the same time across town, Pro Choice South Bend organizer Karen Nemes was providing abortion information at the annual South Bend Pride festival. She says her group’s efforts were better spent there than counter protesting.


“I’m not going to change their minds, they’re not changing my mind,” Nemes says. “I don’t see that as being a productive use of time or energy.”