Harrison senior wins national contest

Apr 24, 2018

Credit ncsc.org

A senior from Harrison High School in Evansville is the national winner of an essay contest on civics.  

Harrison senior Randi Mincy is the high school winner of the 2018 Civic Education Essay contest, which is sponsored by the National Center for State Courts.

The subject of the essays was the separation of powers in American government. A release from the organization says that Mincy’s entry was the most well- written in the high school category.  

Mincy's essay reads:

"The Founding Fathers wanted to form a government that did not allow one person or party to have excessive authority or control. While under the rule of the British king they learned the danger within this system, but under the Articles of Confederation it was preached that there was a need for a strong equal or centralized government. As result for this need of government, the Founding Fathers introduced the separation of powers, or the three separate branches of government. Although each power has its own task, they all work together to make sure the rights of citizens are not being ignored or neglected. Our Founding Fathers created the three branches of government to ensure a fair and balanced central government. "

The elementary school winner of the national contest is from Gary, while the middle school winner was from Colorado.