Feed Evansville Needs Volunteers

Sep 15, 2020

Credit Feed Evansville

With Indiana officials announcing this week that they’re ending National Guard assistance with food distribution during the pandemic,  we checked in to see how that would affect the Feed Evansville program.

Feed Evansville organizer Lisa Vaughn says the announcement by the Indiana Guard won’t affect their efforts much, but they do need plenty of volunteers. Vaughn says they’ll need dozens of volunteers each week for the foreseeable future to fill the immediate food needs and help the community become sustainable fighting food insecurity.

“We need to provide temporary relief like giving someone a box, while we provide them simultaneously recovery work.”

Vaughn says they could use at least ten more people each Monday from 11-5 at Hartke Pool for their weekly food giveaway. Up to thirty volunteers each week are needed to help pack food boxes and make deliveries. You can learn more about volunteering for Feed Evansville at the Reopen Evansville website.