EPD Releases Details of Weekend Shooting

Dec 23, 2019

Still image from body cam video released Monday by Evansville police.
Credit EPD

Evansville police released more details on an officer-involved shooting over the weekend. 

EPD Sgt. Nick Winsett explains what happened during a news conference Monday afternoon.
Credit Steve Burger / WNIN

When two Evansville police officers arrived at 57-year-old Brian Lee Mullen’s door Saturday afternoon, they knocked, pushed the door open and immediately were confronted by Mullen, holding a handgun.

Body cam video released Monday shows one officer pointing his gun inside the apartment at 2516 Sterling Drive after pushing the door open, shouting for Mullen to drop his gun and then firing first one shot, then three more.

Two of the shots struck Mullen, killing him. Because the officer was standing to the side of the doorway, Mullen is never visible on the video clip made public Monday.

EPD Sergeant Nick Winsett said Mullen had a history of mental illness and in 2005 attempted to grab the gun of a Vanderburgh County sheriff’s deputy during another incident.

“I’m pretty sure they had a pretty good idea he had some mental health issues, and that he was suicidal, they knew that as well.”

Winsett says the names of the officers involved the incident will be released later.