Council Votes Funds to Help EPD with Hiring, Retention Issue

Apr 26, 2021

Credit Steve Burger / WNIN File

City Council voted to transfer funds to help pay expenses related to unexepcted new hires in the department.

The issue came up during discussion of a routine funds transfer ordinance Monday evening. The council was asked to transfer $95,600 within the Evansville Police Department budget to pay for uniforms and training supplies for over two dozen new hire officers not anticipated in the budget.

Deputy Chief Stephanie Cox told the council that they can no longer anticipate how many officers are going to leave the force.

“We’re having a lot of unexpected departures," Cox said. "So, it’s a little harder to plan than it used to be. We used to kinda’ know how many people we’d be losing, and now it’s just every week we have more people coming in and leaving.”

We reached out to Evansville police for comment on the hiring and retention issue, but had not received a reply by our deadline. We will update this story with any comments we receive from them.