Council Member Claiming Misinformation Campaign

Sep 17, 2020

Credit Steve Burger / WNIN

Finance committee chair Ron Beane says he is speaking out because of false claims he says are being made by other council members.

During a hastily called news conference Thursday afternoon, Beane said he received an angry phone call from a member of the public earlier Thursday, claiming that Beane wants to defund the Evansville Police Department.

The claim relates to a lengthy and heated discussion at Monday’s city council meeting during annual budget discussions.

During the meeting, Beane said more than once that he would never vote to defund the police.  What happened? His Thursday morning caller named the sources of his information as two city council members.

“I would have thought that city council members would have better things to do than spread misinformation. It’s just very disappointing.”

Beane didn’t name the other council members. He says if they just ask, he’ll be happy to discuss any budget issues with them. The council’s next meeting is September 28th.