Coronavirus Sends UE Classes to Internet

Mar 12, 2020

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The University of Evansville has joined the growing list of universities switching to online classes because of the coronavirus. 

UE has decided to extend spring break through next Tuesday and move all courses to online instruction effective next Wednesday.

The university says online classes will continue at least through Friday, March 27th.

UE has also suspended the spring semester of in-person instruction at Harlaxton College in the United Kingdom. Courses there will also move to online platforms because of COVID-19.

In an email, university president Christopher Pietruszkiewicz said the steps are being taken with the safety and well-being of students, the campus community, and the Evansville community in mind.

Pietruszkiewicz said all residential students at UE are required to vacate university housing and return to their homes by Monday.

Students are being asked to take all textbooks, laptops, and necessary personal belongings, because they won’t have access to their campus unit until in-person classes resume.

UE is also suspending all University-sponsored non-athletics events and gatherings.