Cat Cafe Turned Over to VHS

Nov 20, 2019

One of the cats up for adoption at the River Kitty Cafe on Main St. in Downtown Evansville
Credit John Gibson / WNIN

The owners of Evansville’s River Kitty Café have turned the operation over to the Vanderburgh Humane Society. 

Nearly 400 cats have been adopted through the café on Main Street.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke called it a success...

"This has been every bit as important as every other business that's opened up in Downtown Evansville in the last three years."

Co-owner Annette Gries says turning over the operation was the goal from the start…

"We brought it to Evansville and made it a successful business and it's time for it to support not just the animals, the cats that are here at River Kitty, but the entire shelter of the Vanderburgh Humane Society."

WNIN News asked Society Director Kendall Paul what the agency knows about running a café. She admitted not much, but…

"The team members that have been here are staying on. So, that's a wonderful assett becasue they know what they're doing and they're training us along the way. And what we really hope is that the community will continue to come out and support not only the adoption of the cats but support the cafe side as well."

Co-owner Nancy Drake says adoptions at the café have reduced the number of euthanized animals.