Bloomington Democrat Files Bill To Legalize Assisted Suicide

Jan 4, 2018

An Indiana Democratic lawmaker will push the state to legalize assisted suicide under very limited circumstances. Proposed legislation would apply only to Hoosiers with a terminal illness and no more than six months to live.

The bill authored by Rep. Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington) would establish rigorous procedures to allow assisted suicide. It would involve a form developed by the State Department of Health, multiple physicians, two witnesses who cannot be connected to the patient, and potential counseling to determine if the person is competent to make the decision.

It also says the patient must administer the life-ending drug themselves – and makes it a Level 1 felony if anyone else does.

Brownsburg resident Corey Polen has ALS. He says the bill is about providing a choice to people like him.

“To know I could have some control in the amount of torture I and my family endure would be priceless,” Polen says.

Pierce acknowledges the unlikelihood the bill will pass this session and says it’s more about starting the conversation. House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) says he’s not inclined to support the issue.