Baby Boxes Planned for Evansville

Feb 13, 2020

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Two Safe Haven Baby Boxes will be installed in Evansville. 

Right to Life of Southwest Indiana says it’s partnering with the City of Evansville to install the baby boxes, raise awareness of Safe Haven laws, and to save lives. 

Baby boxes legally permit a mother in crisis to safely and anonymously surrender her newborn if she’s unable to care for it. 

The boxes are installed in an exterior wall of a designated fire house or hospital. 

Locations have yet to be determined in Evansville.

In the release, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said “there is no reason for a child to suffer through illegal abandonment.”

He said the two baby boxes in Evansville will help parents in crisis to “surrender without retribution.”

Right to Life said it’s responsible for all funds needed to purchase, install and maintain the baby boxes with no cost to the city.

Indiana leads the U.S with 13 boxes across the state.