Adviser to consulting firm breaks silence on downtown medical school

Dec 13, 2013

So far, Evansville city officials have kept their preferred downtown location for an IU medical school a closely guarded secret. 

Now, a member of the site selection committee formed to help determine the best downtown location for a planned IU medical school told WNIN News where he thinks the school would be located downtown.

Dr. Paul Perry is President of Tri-State Orthopedic Surgeons in Evansville. During taping of an interview for next week’s Trend episode on the planned IU Medical School, Trend host Cass Herrington asked the question that’s been on everyone’s minds about the city’s proposal -- where exactly would is the downtown site?

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke was not available for comment, but his chief of staff, Steve Shaefer confirmed for WNIN News that the site mentioned by Perry is one of those under consideration. 

“It’s not our preferred location at this time," Shaefer said."We will not announce our proposal until the deadline.” 

According to the official Request for Proposals from IU, the deadline for submissions is January 31.

You can hear the rest of Cass’ interview with Dr. Paul Perry, along with other perspectives on the planned IU Medical School on The Trend, next Friday at noon central time.