Jeremy Biggs

The word "negotiations" does not really described my interactions with the two THPO's I spoke with on matters tangentially related to work at Angel Mounds. I did receive a call from the THPO for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, George Strack, with a request for copies of the reports written concerning accidental discoveries of human remains for the period of 1995-2012. I also received a call from Robin Dushane of the Eastern Shawnee with a question regarding repatriation efforts on the IU Bloomington campus.

Vote delayed on convention hotel...again

Sep 24, 2013
Cass Herrington

  A passionate, five hour-long Evansville City Council meeting yielded yet another delay on the convention hotel financing decision Monday evening.

Council members point to the recent private investment of 11.5 million dollars as reason enough to reserve the decision for a special session next week. 

About thirty minutes into the finance committee hearing, Council Attorney Scott Danks asked Mayor Lloyd Winnecke if postponing the decision another week would jeopardize the project.

To this, the Mayor responded:

Experts dissect the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans

Sep 20, 2013

On October 1st, Millions of uninsured Americans will compare health insurance plans, find out if they are eligible for federal help in paying premiums and “shop” in state exchanges. 

The public understanding the new legislation and compliance regulations are constantly changing, as all three guests on this week’s show point out.

Early childhood education, beyond the classroom

Sep 13, 2013


We’re taking a closer look at early childhood education and development and how it translates into continued success in a child’s life – and how this affects the economy. 

Indiana is one of eleven states without dedicated funding for pre-school. That means nearly half of all students start kindergarten without any form of early childhood education.

EVSC’s Director of Early Childhood Education Terry Green talks about Pre-K programs in Evansville and how the city fares in comparison other places in the Tri-State.

In this segment, The Trend’s new host Cass Herrington digs around Evansville’s history to find context for local attitudes toward change and developments.

First, David Coker sets the stage with an expose of Evansville’s manufacturing heyday. Coker has written extensively about the automotive history of Evansville and Southern Indiana for the Courier and Press and several publications.