Cass Herrington

Local farmers and consumers alike are devising some innovative strategies for bringing local, healthy food to the local marketplace.

Gwen and Kenneth McTaggart from Off the Fence Farms, for example, offer a "cow share" program for families who want fresh milk -- but don't have the time to milk a cow twice a day.

In this segment, we visited the McTaggart's home to hear how they manage the sustainable farm and how they plan increase profits in the next growing season.

Cass Herrington


Midwest Fertilizer Group has contracted a private firm to find out if human remains from a Native American tribe lie beneath the site of a proposed plant. 

The 2.1 billion dollar nitrogen plant is anticipated to create 200 high-paying jobs.

The site in Posey County is near a Hopewell mound dating back to the first century A.D., which is why Carmel, Ind.-based Environmental Resource Management Group has started surveying the vacant plot west of Mount Vernon.

The Trend: Beer- Evansville Style

Nov 8, 2013
Cass Herrington

  Friday's episode of The Trend features all things beer:  From home brew to craft brew, Cass Herrington studies the social and economic impacts of changing trends in beer brewing and consumption.

Corey Weaver

University of Evansville alum Matt O'Neill is featured on Friday night's PBS Great Performances presentation of the San Francisco Opera's production of Moby Dick. WNIN's Daniel Moore recently spoke with him about his career and his performance as "Flask."

Matt O'Neill said his training at the University of Evansville, though it was for guitar, prepared him for a singing career as well. He said life on the road as a free-lancer was getting old, and he was looking for other career opportunities.

For more details, listen to the complete interview.

Cass Herrington

For today’s show, The Trend visited our neighbors in Jasper and Princeton to hear what those towns are doing to increase the quality of life for their residents – in the hopes of attracting talented workers and millennials.