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EWSU Offers Used Cooking Oil Disposal

There are lots of ways to cook a Thanksgiving turkey, but whether the method is roasting or deep-frying the bird, there is always a good deal of cooking oil and grease generated from preparing the traditional meal – grease that shouldn’t go down the kitchen sink.

This year, for the first time, Evansville Water and Sewer Utility will host a Holiday Used Cooking Oil drive. It’s a way for families to get rid of fat, oil and grease (also known as FOG).

EWSU officials say representatives from American Grease and Septic will set up barrels for residents to dispose of used cooking oil, meat drippings and lard and a dumpster will be available to discard empty containers.

The Used Cooking Oil drive is an important opportunity, officials say, because it will keep FOG materials from solidifying and clogging sewer pipes resulting in sewer backups and costly repairs.

The drive will be the Saturday after Thanksgiving from 8-1pm behind the Civic Center next to the CK Newsome Community Center on Walnut Street.