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Having a quarter-life crisis? No worries, says NPR host, we're all 'just faking it'

The so-called “quarter life crisis” is an online catch phrase spawned by hashtags , Buzzfeed articles, books and even a few economic studies.

The term is used to describe the uncertain predicament that many newly graduated (or about-to-graduate) millennials find themselves in.

WNIN’s Cass Herrington turns exactly a quarter of a century this week, so she decided to call NPR’s Guy Raz, a long-time correspondent and the host of Ted Radio Hour, for his take on the matter.

Raz has some advice that Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers can appreciate, too.

Ted Radio Hour airs Sundays at 3pm central on WNIN. But if you need a TED Talk to immediately get you through a quarter life crisis panic attack, here's your oxygen mask (click the link).

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