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Watching the 420 Main Implosion from the New Tallest Building

John Gibson

Dozens of people watched Sunday’s implosion of the 420 Main building from what is now Evansville tallest building: the Fifth Third Bank tower. 

Inside attorney Neil Chapman’s 14th floor office, invitees had a full view of the 18-story building through windows.

And just before 7:00 a.m., demolition crews began a sequence of dynamite charges.

The former Old National tower stood tall for a few more seconds and then...

Michele Crowley-Watkins said she was startled.

"There was no warning until you just heard that bang, bang, bang, bang, bang and then pow. That  was wild"

Warning horns before the implosion were not audible in the Fifth Third tower.

Celia Shoulders told me she enjoyed the view.

"We had a good vantage point. I was surprised by how fast the dust cleared." 

When the dust cleared, it revealed a relatively small pile of rubble.

The implosion appeared to go as planned with no reports of damage to nearby buildings.

Crews had erected shipping containers and huge swatches of black fabric to protect surrounding properties.

Credit John Gibson
Dust from the implosion spread to the media staging area and the Old Courthouse.

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