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What is going to happen with the implosion Sunday morning?

Steve Burger

This Sunday, a major part of Evansville’s skyline will be brought down in an implosion of the 420 Main Building. The demolition contractor held a news conference this afternoon (Friday) to talk about the project.  

About 7am Sunday, an operator with Controlled Demolition Inc., in a command center about a block away from the former Old National Bank Building will push a button.

Immediately, there will be ten loud bangs, but nothing will appear to happen for about three seconds. CDI owner Mark Loizeaux described what will happen then.

“The first bangs you hear, that’s the initiation system, then  the charges start going off and that’s what brings the building down. That’s when the small charges placed in the columns and walls throughout the building release that eighteen thousand tons and bring it down to grade.  Basically,  we’re letting gravity have her way with the building. After all these years, she’s never been able to pull it down, we’re going to let her have a chance.”

Some facts about the implosion:

  • The building's weight at implosion is about 18,000 tons
  • There will be 374 lbs of explosives used, placed in 746 locations on eight floors within the structure
  • 1.4 milies of detonating cord will connect the explosive locations
  • Much of the materials will be reused, including the metal beams and rebar. Much of the concrete will be recycled for use in the new building site. It cannot be used for structural puposes, but rather as roads or pads for materials, etc.

Loizeaux says it will all be over in about 26 seconds. Fifth Street will be open in about a week and the debris removed by the end of January.

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