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Climate and agriculture topic of forum

Steve Burger

Area farmers and others interested in adopting more climate -friendly agriculture practices gathered for a forum on regenerative agriculture Saturday. 

WNIN's Steve Burger talked with Senator Mike Braun about his climate bill and his opposition to the Biden administration vaccine mandate for businesses.

Practices such as no till farming, the use of cover crops and climate friendly planting were explained and discussed among several dozen Southwestern Indiana farmers at the event.

The opening speaker was Indiana Senator Braun, who sponsored the Growing Climate Solutions Actthis year. The legislation would help farmers and ranchers get into voluntary environmental credit markets as a way to increase their earnings.

Braun says the bill sailed through the U.S. Senate on a bipartisan 92-8 vote, but is stuck in the House, where Braun says he’s fighting not the Democrats, but a member of his own party who doesn’t want any legislation related to climate or global warming to move forward.

“It’s a function of the Democrats finding a way how to technically get it into something, and it’s a function of the ranking member of the House ag committee maybe having a broader view of what makes sense.”

Braun says if the legislation doesn’t get a vote by the end of the year, it will have to be refiled and restart the process.