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Woman Remembers Her Dad's Role in Developing 420 Main St.

John Gibson

An Evansville woman whose late father was instrumental in the development of the 420 Main Street tower says the building’s planned demolition has put her in a “nostalgic state.” 

Sue Morrison says her father, Harry E. Thompson, was tasked with negotiating with property owners to acquire land for the planned Old National Bank tower in the 1960’s.

She said there was one elderly property owner who was holding out, so her father offered him a 99-year lease.

"But the proviso was that should he die before the lease term was out, then that propoery would become part of the Old National land."

Morrison said her dad faced questions about the deal from the Old National brass.

"He said to them 'Do you think this owner is going to live another 99 years?'

The property owner eventually passed away, clearing the way for construction of the 18-story tower.

Morrison says she visited her dad and sometimes dined at the Petroleum Club on the top floor.

"We as a family got to dine there occasionally if Harry had a client that he wanted to impress or sometimes big events."

Morrison says her father retired from Old National in 1981. He died in 2011.

The 420 Main tower is scheduled to be imploded November 21st.

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