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Deaconess Sets New COVID Record

Deaconess Health System

The record surpasses one set back in January. What is different this time is that the faces in the ICU have changed.

WNIN's Steve Burger talked with Deaconess nursing executive Jennifer Chiusano about the new COVID patient record and what keeps her up at night about the pandemic.

Credit Steve Burger / WNIN-FM
Deaconess Chief Nursing Executive Jennifer Chiusano talks with a reporter at Deaconess Midtown Thursday.

There are some common aspects of the new record at Deaconess this week. All the patients have COVID-19, and nearly all are unvaccinated.  

While there are a number of breakthrough cases because of the delta variant, nearly ninety percent of the hospitalized COVID patients at Deaconess are unvaccinated.

All of the patients on ventilators, the ones whose lives are at risk,  did not get the shot.

Chief nursing executive Jennifer Chiusano says it is harder than ever to walk through the ICU.

“This is not somebody that’s seventy years old with lots of co-morbids, as we would say…And they’re really sick….and they’re gonna’ die. And you think what if that’s somebody I know that may not want to be vaccinated.”

You can easily make an appointment for the vaccine online at ourshot.in.gov. The Indiana Department of Health is hosting special testing and vaccines clinics Friday and Saturday at the C.K. Newsome Center in Evansville.