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DNR: Okay to Feed Birds in Most Indiana Counties


Officials say most Indiana residents can refill their bird feeders. 

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has announced that Hoosiers in 76 counties across the state can resume feeding birds.

The list includes all counties in southwest Indiana.

Officials are still asking residents of the remaining 16 counties to keep their feeders down while the investigation continues into what is killing songbirds.

The DNR recommended a statewide moratorium on bird feeding in late June to slow the spread of a still-undetermined illness that has killed birds throughout the region.

The DNR said Hoosiers answered the call, removing feeders, cleaning birdbaths, and submitting more than 3,400 reports of sick or dead birds.

Officials say seed and suet feeders should be cleaned and rinsed at least once every two weeks, while hummingbird feeders should be cleaned at least once a week.