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Entire Rockport Plant to Shut Down by 2028


A coal-fired power plant in Spencer County is expected to shut down within seven years. 

American Electric Power plans to retire both of the units at the Indiana-Michigan facility in Rockport by 2028.

AEP agreed in 2019 to close Unit One by 2028 and now has purchased Unit Two to ensure its retirement. 

AEP spokesman Scott Blake tells WNIN the company’s long-term strategy includes adding cleaner energy resources, including about 1,700 megawatts of solar, wind, and battery by 2030.

Environmentalists have long labeled the Rockport plant a super-polluter, with Sierra Club spokeswoman Wendy Bredhold calling it “one of the biggest and dirtiest coal plants in the country,”

The club is now applauding AEP’s decision to close both units and invest in renewable energy nationwide.