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Panels Beginning to Pay Off for CREC

Steve Burger

Here's an update on a project to create jobs and use solar to provide more service to the community.

As we reported last fall, the thirty solar panels installed at the Greater St. James CREC, as it’s known, were part of a state jobs collaboration with the Evansville chapter of the NAACP.

Center coordinator Thomas Pore says they’ve started looking at the savings in their electric bill, but since the CREC was shut down for much of last year due to the pandemic, it’s difficult to know how much they’re saving right now.

Pore says, “We haven’t really had a good comparison to the units used and how much saving it is so, we’re still working that system out.”

Brad Morton, president of Morton Solar, which installed the panels, is working with the CREC managers to help them understand how to make the most of the solar capacity they have now.

Morton says, “We’re just now getting into the nice, productive solar days so, they’re going to be getting much more off their electric bills in the summertime.”

Pore says the any savings they get from the electricity generated by the solar panels will go to increase their service in the community.  

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