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Grant to Aid Disabled During Pandemic


Eleven  communities in Indiana will receive funding for projects,  including one in Soutwestern Indiana.

Dubois County will get $127,743 to install wifi hotspots in county public spaces, purchase iPads for a lending library and create an app for adults with disabilities to use to assist with shopping and errand needs.

The money is coming from federal CARES Act funding administered by the state. According to a release, the Dubois County grant is in partnership with Southern Indiana Resource Solutions.

The grant is one of eleven in Indiana, totaling over $1.6 million dollars from the CARES Act funding:

  • The City of Batesville, in partnership with New Horizons, is awarded $160,462 to create a device lending library, which include 100 tablets, home connectivity devices, adaptive technology, and health monitoring aids. Training support will be provided to lending library participants to utilize the technology to connect with their natural support networks.   
  • The City of Columbia City, in partnership with Passages, Inc., is awarded $146,523 to purchase 35 devices for a device lending library to facilitate connection with natural support networks. The partnership will also establish an at-home healthy activities delivered through local YMCA virtual exercise memberships and an equipment lending library. 

  • The City of Goshen, in partnership with ADEC Inc., is awarded $155,322 to create a virtual and physical sensory trail experience which includes three cameras for virtual viewing, a virtual smartphone application for exploration of trails, the purchase of ten iPads for a device lending library to facilitate access to the trail experience, and consultation hours for music and recreational therapists to enhancing the sensory experience of the trails. 
  • The City of Indianapolis, in partnership with Village of Merici, is awarded $200,000 to develop of virtual app that allows adults with disabilities to access informational content and connect with their natural support networks. 
  • The City of Marion, in partnership with Carey Services, Inc., is awarded $200,000 to build twelve internet kiosks inside community partner locations, purchase 25 iPads for a device lending library, create a virtual platform addressing social isolation, and a livestream studio for use by city organizations and community members to create virtual social programming for adults with disabilities.
  • The City of South Bend, in partnership with LOGAN Community Resources, Inc., is awarded $69,000 to purchase 36 iPads and 32 hotspots for a device lending library intended to facilitate access to natural support networks and virtual social and emotional support programming.   
  • Dubois County, in partnership with Southern Indiana Resource Solutions (SIRS), is awarded $127,743 to install WiFi hotspots in county public spaces, install an accessible computer workstation at the SIRS office, purchase iPads to create a lending library, and create an application to connect adults with disabilities to community members that can assist in shopping and errand needs. 
  • LaGrange County, in partnership with and The Arc of LaGrange County, is awarded $67,113 to purchase 50 iPads for a device lending library intended to facility access to social opportunities, educational programming, and health services. 
  • Lake County, in partnership with New Star, Inc. is awarded $110,000 to create virtual courses for health and wellness, employment readiness and creative expression. The partnership will also purchase 25 tablets for a device lending library to facilitate access to the virtual courses. 

  • Madison County, in partnership with The Hopewell Center, is awarded $199,630 to create a multi-prong social connection program, using technology to connect participants virtually and in-person through vocational exploration, gaming, social networking and digital theater activities. 
  • Parke County, in partnership with Child-Adult Resource Services, Inc., is awarded $200,000 to create virtual educational classes. Additionally, the partnership will purchase 60 tablets and 15 smart TVs for a device lending library to facilitate access to the virtual education programming as well as natural support networks.