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WNIN continuing coverage of a federal lawsuit against the University of Evansville and former theater professor Scott Lank for alleged racial and sexual harassment.

UE Board Approves More Faculty Input


University of Evansville faculty members will have an enhanced role with the UE Board of Trustees. 

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The university’s board has approved bylaw changes that will appoint non-voting faculty representatives to eight standing committees of the Board.

In a release, UE said the representatives will be in addition to the current Faculty Observer who attends meetings of the Board of Trustees.

The board approved the proposal 75 to 23 with 5 abstentions, surpassing the required two-thirds approval.

UE Board Chair Linda White said the move will provide the faculty “a greater opportunity to discuss policies and decisions considered by the Board of Trustees."

In September, many UE teachers joined the American Association of University Professors, in an effort to get their voices heard with job and program cuts anticipated.

Speaking on behalf of the association, Dr. James McLeod told WNIN the board’s move is a “satisfactory first step.”

But McLeod said he will continue to push for a voting seat at the table.