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Winter Weather Safety Tips

NWS Paducah

With our first big cold snap of the season this week, the National Weather Service is reminding people about winter weather safety. 


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In a webinar Monday evening, Paducah weather service meteorologist Christine Wielgos talked about the main causes of winter weather deaths and injuries. She says things you don’t normally think of, such as snow and ice coated tree limbs falling kill people each year. Hypothermia is another winter weather hazard that can be difficult to understand and detect.

“So, warning signs of hypothermia. If you were with someone and they were shivering and all of a sudden they stop shivering and they’re acting confused or have difficulty speaking or they’re feeling sleepy. I saw this on a web site- watch for the “umbles”. Watch for somebody stumbling, mumbling, fumbling and grumbling.”
The National Weather Service Paducah office has a full range of winter weather safety tips on their website.

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