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Still No Winner in the Nut Club Half Pot


With less than a week to go, no one has claimed the West Nut Club Half Pot. 

No winner has come forward with the winning number to claim half of the nearly $1.4 million prize.

On its Facebook page, the Nut Club reminded players the deadline to claim the prize is at the end of the business day, next Monday.

The winning number is 1706883.

If you have the winning ticket, you’re urged to contact the West Side Nut Club.

The club cancelled the annual festival along W. Franklin St. due to the pandemic but the half-pot drawing -- which was launched in 2019 -- went ahead.

The club says if no one claims the prize, the full pot of money will go to community organizations.

Some of the groups that usually sell food at the festival set-up food booths at their own locations to raise at least some of the money they normally raise at the fest.