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Wedding Switches Parties

Steve Burger

The Vanderburgh County sheriff says he's making a statement about national developments.

In making his announcement on the steps of the America Patriot Group offices in Evansville, Sheriff Wedding didn’t just distance himself from his former party a little. In his remarks before a small crowd of supporters, Wedding echoed national Republican talking points.

“It’s interesting that we have this flag here, flown so patriotically by Steve Chancellor, and the Democrats want to burn that thing every day.”

We asked Sheriff Wedding why the party switch is necessary when locally, office holders of both parties tend to work together pretty well.

“I’m switching to make a statement about what’s going on nationally. And, you’re right, we have some wonderful Democrat leaders here and I’ve worked alongside them for many years.”

A statement from the Vanderburgh County Democrats Thursday afternoon expressed disappointment in Weddings choice, pointing out that, "Sheriff Wedding knows that the Democratic majorities on the County Commissioners and City Council have been strongly and consistently supportive of local law enforcement. In contrast, he has always pointed out the Republican controlled Vanderburgh County Council and Indiana State Legislature were responsible for the creation of budgetary restraints that made his job more difficult. His move to the Republican party after benefiting from years of Democratic support make his political opportunism all the more distasteful."

Wedding is in his second term as sheriff so he cannot run for reelection when his current term runs out in two years. He said he intends to finish his current term as sheriff before thinking about whether he wants to run for another office.