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Residents Go Before Council to Oppose Face Mask Ordinance


Members of the Evansville City Council received an earful from residents opposed to a face mask ordinance.

Many of the residents said the measure infringes on their rights and amounts to government overreach, while others questioned the safety and effectiveness of wearing face coverings to stop the spread of COVID 19.

One woman, Brenda Bergwitz, said she would be proud to go to jail rather than comply with the proposal that would require face coverings in most places…

"We could be fined 50-to-100 dollars if we don't comply. Well guess what, I won't comply and I'll be the first one and proudly go to jail."

That clip from Monday evening’s meeting was from the city’s website.

The ordinance does provide several exemptions, including for people whose health could be compromised by wearing a mask.

Republican Councilman Ron Beane told the meeting the city needs to do something to stem the recent surged in COVID 19 cases or “end up like Florida."

The council approved the measure on first reading. A final vote is planned for July 27.

Mayor Winnecke is issuing his own executive order this week mandating masks but unlike the council measure, it does not include any potential fines.