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Zac Parsons, HostConversations in the Middle is a collaboration between WNIN Digital Studios and Zac Parsons, co-founder of the Honey Moon Coffee Company and TEDxEvansville and adjunct faculty member at the University of Evansville. In the midst of quarantines and physical distancing Zac makes connections in the community and beyond by exploring how people are getting through the middle of the coronavirus pandemic via Zoom calls from his homemade closet production studio.

Conversations in the Middle- School Administrator, City Council Member

Justin Perkins

Alex Burton is currently the president of the Evansville City Council and the EVSC OptIN Program Manager. He talks to Zac about helping high school students excel after graduting, working to solve food insecurity in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, and learning new ways to interact while practicing physical distancing. 

You can share your stories from the middle of the coronavirus pandemic on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #MiddlePod.

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