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Commissioners Focus On Jobs, Infrastructure

John Gibson

Vanderburgh County Commissioners have presented their “State of the County” address. 

Commissioners Jeff Hatfield, Cheryl Musgrave, and Ben Shoulders spoke about improving infrastructure and bringing more jobs to the county.

Officials plan to build two new “shell buildings” at the Vanderburgh Industrial Park off State Road 57, to attract new development and jobs.

One project on hold is a development plan for the University Parkway.

Commissioner Shoulders told WNIN News why commissioners recently tabled an ordinance on the issue…

"We thought that there could be some improvments in the plan, specifically to the j-turns. We also thought seperate from the plan, that if we're going to engage USI based on what we've heard from numerous stakeholder meetings that we'd like to see something happen with the roundabout out at USI.  I know that wasn't in the plan but we'd like to look into possibly improving that."

Commissioner Musgrave questioned the potential for more development along the parkway…

"The University Parkway has been completed for almost 10 years now and we've seen almost no development there."

But Musgrave says a new sewer project should help…

"Houses and businesses along the way of that whole length of the sewer main can now tap in or develop differently."