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You May Notice Change In Water


Officials are adding a stronger disinfectant to Evansville’s water supply. 

The water and sewer utility says it’s the second and final of two temporary switchovers for 2019. 

The utility says in a news release it will be using free chlorine rather than the regularly used disinfectant – chloramine – between now and September 23rd.

Free chlorine is a slightly stronger disinfectant than chloramine, and it’s used to remove more resistant bacteria and viruses that may be found in the water system.

The utility says using chlorine will ensure a proper level of disinfectant is maintained throughout the network of water mains and pipes that deliver drinking water.

Officials say the free chlorine may have more of a chemical odor, slightly like that of swimming pool water. 

The utility says both chlorine and chloramine are safe for people and pets but precautions should be taken to remove or neutralize the disinfectants during the kidney dialysis process, in the preparation of water for fish tanks and ponds, and for businesses that require highly processed water.