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Sculpture Unveiled In Downtown Evansville

Isaiah Seibert

A few dozen people gathered outside WNIN Wednesday to watch the unveiling of a new, interactive public sculpture. 

The Marker is a stainless steel globe on top of a ten-foot long metal pole. It looks like a map marker, jutting out of the ground at an angle.  

The ball on top is reflective. You can see yourself amid the city skyline if you look into the orb.

"We wanted to create it where it could really give a view of Evansville," says local artist Amy Musia, who designed the sculpture. “I’m hoping that it will draw people down to come and just play. This is a piece for people to have fun with.”

And people are having fun. Many are taking selfies with their friends in front of the sculpture, like they would at Cloud Gate, the mirror-like bean in Chicago.

The project was funded by the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana.

"We truly believe that the more people see art and experience art in their daily lives, the more they subsequently ask for it and demand it," says Anne McKim, the arts council's executive director. 

It’s the first of what the arts council hopes will be many public art projects throughout the city.