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Evansville City Council Vows To Expand Renewable Energy

Wikimedia Commons

The Evansville city council is vowing to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. A non-binding resolution passed Monday night calls on the city to use only renewable energy for all of its operational needs by 2050.

With its vote, the council says it will also work to reduce the city’s energy consumption and develop green infrastructure, like electric car charging stations and more bike and pedestrian paths.

The 7-2 vote fell largely along party lines.

City councilman Dan McGinn co-sponsored the resolution, along with councilman Dr. Dan Adams. McGinn, a Republican-turned-independent, called the resolution a "no-brainer" and said he believed that fossil fuels are quickening the pace of climate change.

"We're going to have to do something," he said at the meeting.

Republican city councilman Justin Elpers opposed the resolution. "I respectfully disagree with climate change," he told the council.

Elpers was joined by city councliman John Hayden.

"I think it's a great idea, but there's some pretty definitive statements in here I don't think we can make," Hayden told members of council, using the city's push to rely exclusively on renewable energy as an example.

City councilwoman Michelle Mercer was the only Republican to vote in favor of the resolution. "I think it contains a lot of great things for us to aim for," she said at the meeting. 

Read the full text of the resolution: